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*1948* - Evangelical Baptist Convention was born at Sialbu village. Hiai khua a EBC Biakinn pen Rs 30/- kia tawh patkhiak chih ahi..

*1950* - EBC standing Committee was formed at Songtal village.

*1952* - women's Committee was formed at Mission Compound, CCPur.

*1954* - Sunday School Committee was formed.

*1956* - Music Committee was formed.

*1963* - Printing Press Committee was formed.

*1965* - Youth Committee was formed.

*1965* - School Committee was formed.

*1967* - Missionary Board was formed.

*1970* - The first Hymnal Book was published.

*1971* - Holy Bible in Paite was released, published by Bible Society of India.

*1975* - EBC adopted its first ever constitution, hence administrative reform took place.

*1975* - Convention decided to construct its administrative building which is known as Dorcas Hall.

*1981* - Grace Bible College was established owned and supported by EBC.

*1986* - EBC became fully self supporting by deciding to no longer take any foreign aid with the purpose of by indigenization and not to isolation.

*1999* - EBC accepted into Baptist family of ABF and BWA at Dresden, Germany. 

*EBCC Min a Hong ki khek touh Dan:-

1. 1948/1949-Simsak bial/Paite Presbytery church

2. 1950-Manipur Christian Convention

3. 1973- Convention Church 

4. 1997-Evangelical Baptist Convention & Baptist World Alliance i zop kum le ahi.