Paite Kulmut Tup leh Ngimte

  • Paite hihna diktak gum a, zumpih lou leh taisengei lou.
  • Paite pau leh lai gelhdan diktak kepbit leh phungvuh.
  • Paite culture and custom te kepbit.
  • Diktatna leh ginomna kepbit a thudik apan nungtolh lou.
  • Thudiklou leh zuau genna doudal.
  • Thil hoih a Phatuam ngai.
  • Khovel thangtatna a kibuallouh.
  • Bangkim a Pathian mah ki bulphuhna a neih.
  • Christian hinkhua tawisang.

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Who are the paites?

The Paites are one of the constituting tribes of the ZOMI/ZOs who inhabit India, Burma and Bangladesh. The word paite means " a group of people marching " (pai-march ;te - "plural maker"). The Paites are a recognised scheduled tribe in Manipur as well as in Mizoram. The Paites are concentrated in Manipur, a northeastern state of India. They are dominant in Lamka Town of Churachandpur of Manipur state with a population of 60 thousands (as per the population consensus 2001). Almost all ethnic Paites follows Christianity, mostly Protestant denominations like Baptists, Lutherans, Penticostal, Church of Christ though there are a good percentage of Roman Catholics as well. They adopted Christianity in the 19th century with the intervention of British missionaries.

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